Research in abdominal imaging

The laboratory has a broad experience in perfusion and diffusion imaging of diffuse and focal diseases of the liver in animals and humans. The perfusion and permeability changes in liver fibrosis and cirrhosis are assessed with these methods, as are the effects of vasoactive drugs in portal hypertension. The role of perfusion and diffusion imaging in liver tumors is evaluated before and after treatment. In this context, our group has a strong interest since many years in the study of targeted MR contrast agents.
Functional MR imaging of the kidney is also evaluated. Particularly, mathematical models to measure the renal perfusion and glomerular filtration rate with MR imaging have been developed and validated in animals.
An automatic liver segmentation software have been developed in collaboration with the Vanderbilt University. A clinical validation on living donors for liver transplantation has been performed.

Research in thoracic and cardiac imaging

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