Research in neurological imaging

The department has a research activity in anatomical and functional neuroimaging. Namely:

  • Cerebral perfusion and diffusion models have been developed and validated in the context of the hyperacute phase of stroke. It has been shown that perfusion imaging is a useful tool in predicting the region at risk (ischemic penumbra) around the initial infarct core.
  • SPM2 automation scripts have been written to detect functional areas before brain surgery.
  • Neuroanatomic correlates of calculation and faces recognition are studied with functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Functional reorganization of brain in children affected with congenital hemiplegia is studied with functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging.
  • A multimedia atlas of the white matter tracts has been created
  • The effects of several multiple sclerosis drugs have been assessed with MRI. Advanced techniques such as diffusion imaging, spectroscopy, magnetisation transfer and brain volumetry have been used.

Research in neck imaging

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