Research in thoracic and cardiac imaging


Spiral CT plays a major role in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE). Our group has recently evaluated the performance of 4-slice CT in the diagnosis of acute PE. Delivered radiation dose during pulmonary embolism work-up has recently been compared with 4-slice, 16-slice CT and digitalized pulmonary angiography. Optimization of injection parameters represents a future topic of research in this field. Automatic recognition of PE is under evaluation in collaboration with the universities of Mons and Louvain-La Neuve.

We collaborate with the cardiology team to evaluate prospectively the diagnostic performance of 1.5 T MR, 4 and 16-slice CT to detect coronary stenoses. At the present time, we compare the left and right ventricle function with MR and 16-slice CT.

Research in abdominal imaging

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